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The need for proper e-waste and electronics recycling solutions for businesses is ever-present. Just about every modern industry requires services such as  IT asset dispositiondata destruction and e-waste recycling. However, some organizations have distinct needs due to unique equipment types, data sensitivity and associated regulations, disposal cycles, etc. Rest assured, we can craft a customized and comprehensive solution for all of your needs. Our client base ranges from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, in some of the most data-sensitive industries (healthcare, financial services, defense, media, etc.). Electronics manufacturers and government entities trust us to recycle their equipment responsibly. 

Consider us your partner in protecting your brand by opting for our customized e-waste and electronics recycling solutions for businesses of all kinds. We reduce risk at highly competitive rates. Moreover, when you contract with us, you help us create quality jobs for people who face systemic barriers to work. Our social impact metrics can be a powerful addition to your own CSR story.

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We have helped several e-bike and e-scooter companies responsibly recycle these vehicles at end-of-life. Our scope of work has included packing and transporting the vehicles to our facility, recovering and validating specific components for reuse, shredding the “brain” and proprietary circuitry, and recycling the remaining materials.

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